Sisters are doing it for themselves

Babies SuckBack in May my sister asked me about starting her own blog. My sister has two small children and wanted to write about her experiences of parenthood – its peaks and pitfalls. To be honest I was a bit sceptical about her writing a blog mainly because I couldn’t see how she would be able to find the time to keep posting regularly while juggling a young’un in each hand, especially as I struggle to keep posting regularly on this blog with far less responsibilities to deal with.

The blogosphere can be a tremendously competitive and fickle environment where readers constantly demand new content or they look elsewhere. I offered her some advice but warned her that even with a lot of work it could be several months before she got any comments and warned her not to get discouraged by this.

Anyway, four months later she is posting most days and getting several comments per post. She has built up a considerable following in a very short space of time. She has even won a couple of awards from fellow mummy bloggers. I must admit I’m surprised by the speed of her success – I thought it would take a lot longer to achieve what she has but I’m not a bit surprised that she has been successful overall. I think there are several reasons for this:

The subject matter – Her blog sits within a considerably active blog community (parents talking about parenthood) but is still suitably ‘niche’ that her blog is getting noticed. It sticks to the one subject so readers know what to expect. When she realised she wanted to talk about other stuff she set up another blog for that.

It’s well written – she is from a writing and publishing background so she knows how to write engaging content which keeps people coming back.

Regular posting – she has been putting out new posts consistently since she started.

Commenting and link sharing – she has been looking at a number of other similar blogs (see her long list of links for the evidence) and commenting on them which in turn has led people back to her blog.

I’m not sure if she has any plans to monetize her blog or just write for fun but she’s even managed to get my mum looking at the internet so who knows.