Dowload The Media Whore for free

I was digging through some old files and found some PDFs of The Media Whore. This was a project I put together in 2003. The idea was to write a satirical trade journal for the design and other creative industries. I put together the whole thing myself (with a little help from a few kind people listed under contributers) but I wanted it to look convincing as something which a number of people had worked on so I invented a whole fictional staff to run my magazine.

After I wrote it I had 200 printed and tried to sell them. This was not as successful as I hoped although I did get a couple of positive bits of press coverage in Design Week and Creative Week which I was quite pleased with. Anyway, this was all years ago so I thought I would offer this as a download to anyone who might be interested in it.

The version below is paginated so the pages are in order ready to go to print and are not in numerical order. You can print it out and fold into an A5 booklet easily enough. The only double page spreads are in the 8 page Baltic Design Supplement (Contemporary Baltic) and the two feature articles Creative Juices and Branding with the Enemy.

The Media Whore (Issue 1) by jamesmullarkey

Download it and enjoy at your leisure.


More good press for The Media Whore

Completly by chance I came across an article in Creative Week Magazine about The Media Whore. It had been some months since I had sent copies out to various publications with the only bit of press coverage coming from a small piece in Design Week. I had never heard of Creaive Week – it seemed like someone had put the Design Week and Creative Review titles together almost as a bit of a joke. It’s actually quite an interesting publication that is given away free.

In the article a journalist had scooped up a whole load of independent publications which were for sale at Rough Trade in Covent Garden to review. One of them was mine which they described thus:

Creative Week Magazine – 6th October 2003 by jamesmullarkey

Media Whore (£2)
Clearly the work of an embittered graphic designer, this pokes savage fun at those involved in the ‘creative industries’ via a pastiche of industry titles such as Creative Review and Advertising Age – sheer genius.
Send cheque to Mr JJ Mullarkey… (address blah, blah etc)

Pretty happy with that to be honest.


I’m in Design Week!

Having devoted a lot of hard work to writing The Media Whore I tentatively sent out a few copies to various magazines hoping it could spring board me to selling a crate load with a bit of critical acclaim lopped in for good measure.

On reflection this was probably quite naive (or maybe arrogant) as I sent a lot to trade publications like Design Week, Creative Review and Marketing Week – magazines which I had used as inspiration for my satire. Basically I was asking the people I was totally ridiculling to big me up.

Most of it came to nothing. Amazingly though I managed to get a mention in Design Week. I got a picture of the front cover and an approving bit of text. I was particularly tickled as I had told a lecturer on my degree course that I would feature in Design Week “…within 5 years…” which I had meant as a joke but it wasn’t so funny when he burst into a ruptuous belly laugh at the thought of it. In the end it only took me 3 years!

I love the way my name is in inverted commas like it’s made up. They even manage to mention my non existent colleague Bartholomhew J. King. In terms of my project getting this publicity was a major coup especially as it came from the most widely read trade journal in the design industry.

The only down side was they didn’t include my contact details which I think would really help shift a few copies. Even though I think I have a reasonably good product it hasn’t been that simple to sell as it doesn’t really fit into any kind of existing niche. Nobody has done a satirical trade journal for the creative industries like this before so my attempts to shift it in design bookshops like Magma didn’t get me far. The production values probably section it as a fanzine so it might be the best idea to look at ways of pushing it that way, maybe through shops like Rough Trade in Covent Garden.