Digital professional and reluctant activist

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I’m James and for a day job I’ve worked in digital for a number of non-profits over the last 15 years and am currently in a senior position within a prominent professional membership association in the UK. Although I do discuss themes around my day job on my blog I never talk about it directly. You can find me on LinkedIn if you’re interested in that side of things.

I like my work in the charity sector but increasingly I am seeing both the technology choices I am able to make narrowing to only products from the big tech firms and a reluctance of charity sector organisations to question the likes of Google, Facebook or Amazon for their dangerous, privacy invading and undemocratic practices and starkly different organisational values.

We need a tech landscape which is far more diverse and responsible and built around human need.

My motivation to try and change this is self-preservation – I don’t believe there will be an ongoing career for me in charities if the only decision I can make for my organisation is between Google or Facebook.

Equally, charities in the UK have traditionally been the first place where threats to social justice, equality and democracy are called out and tackled.

The big tech firms have reshaped the internet into an ever growing corporate surveillance panopticon. We are not moving towards a JG Ballard style dystopia, we are already there.

My blog has changed emphasis a number of times and is currently home to posts about responsible technology and big tech surveillance monopolies and similar themes.

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