Part-time Agitation Designer

I want the internet to be slightly better and write about surveillance capitalism and using digital technology responsibly.


persistent urging of a political or social cause or theory before the public.


a schemer, intriguer, or plotter.

My blog has changed emphasis a number of times and is currently home to posts about promoting responsible technology and a slightly better internet.

Get in touch with me via my contact page or on Mastodon.

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Shoshana Zuboff

New age of surveillance capitalism cover

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism is an international best seller which explains how big tech companies have stripped us of our decision rights.

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Amnesty International

Surveillance giants cover

The Amnesty report Surveillance Giants explains how the business model of big tech is an unprecedented ongoing threat to global human rights.

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Techtonic on WFMU

Techtonic on WFMU

Techtonic hosted by Mark Hurst on WFMU, is a weekly radio show which covers “our shift to a digital future” and is constructively critical of Silicon Valley.

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Tech Won’t Save Us

Tech won't save us logo

Tech Won’t Save Us is podcast hosted by Paris Marx which critically examines the tech industry, its thought leaders, and the worldview it spreads.

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Liberty logo

UK organisation which challenges injustice and fights against mass surveillance and facial recognition.

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Privacy International

Privacy International logo

PI challenge governments and businesses which want to know everything about individuals and societies.

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Small Tech Foundation

small tech foundation

Irish based Not-for-profit which advocates for and builds small technology to protect personhood and democracy.

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Exodus Privacy Project

exodus privacy project

Resource which lets you check your Android apps for hidden tracking and other nasty stuff they didn’t tell you about.

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