Digital transformer and web strategist

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I’m James a human first person who is also a passionate digital transformer and web strategist based in London, UK.

A bit about me

My web journey started way back in 2002 when I put together my first website using a bit of Dreamweaver and a bigger bit of Notepad. Most of what I discovered was self taught using a Pre-Agile Manifesto methodology called ‘trial and error™’.

Since then I have worked across the private, public, charity and membership sectors. I’ve done a few jobs where I was the digital department but I’ve also worked in larger digital teams. As a result I have a diverse range of experience.

My first experience of the web was at University in 1997 so I’m the right age to remember travel agents, record shops and the world ‘before’.

These days my focus is all about digital transformation within organisations. Specifically, embedding change as part of a long term process, putting staff in the best position to support customers (or stakeholders). Digital tools and technology can often help a lot with this but you can’t just switch your website or app on and hope for the best. The people component needs to be aligned to the transformation.

My blog

These days my blog has a stronger emphasis on the web and digital. I’m particularly interested in how the web is changing our lives and the world around us – in mostly good ways but sometimes in bad. I also like talking about other things like web usability and open badges.

I’m a keen but mediocre sportsperson taking part in triathlons, cycling, running and swimming events for fun and to stay fit.

I also love to travel but I’m a family man these days so my big trips to far-flung and pretentious places are probably behind me for a while. I’ll resist the temptation to blog from Center Parcs.

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Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) by Scrum Alliance

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