Japan: Tokyo – Fontaine Akasaka Capsule Hotel

This is a fairly well known Capsule Hotel in Tokyo which takes both male and female customers but on different floors. You can pay by the hour of for the whole night as suits. Girls Aloud stayed there a while ago but don’t ask me how I know that.

The Japanese are not keen on admitting anyone with large tattoos as this is associated with the Yakuza. Signs like these can be seen in many hotels.

My capsule – the dimensions are roughly 2 metres long x 1 metre high. The box in the top left is a TV.

I was on the upper level so I had to climb up to get into bed.

When we checked in we were the only people there. Later on the floor would be littered with drunk Japanese businessmen.

You keep all your stuff in a locker while you are sleeping in the capsule.

They give you everything in the bathroom including toothbrushes, shampoo, razors and deodorant.

This toilet has a heated seat and an electronic control panel which has a digital flush and multiple bidet control. I was in toilet heaven.

The control panel in my capsule. Heat and lighting as well as TV and radio bits – just like the Starship Enterprise.

I relax in my natty dressing gown after having an onsen. All around us were Japanese businessmen smoking cigars, eating ice creams or getting a massage.

Just about to go to sleep in the capsule.

There is only a curtain separating you from the outside world in this hotel so you hear what’s going on outside.

Overall I would say that staying in this capsule hotel was one of my favourite experiences of my holiday in Japan. If I could have I would have stayed there every night. Anyone thinking of going to Japan should stay in one.

James Mullarkey

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