Love Run 10k 2010

Me in Love RunAs a build up to the London Marathon in April I decided to take part in the ‘Love Run’ in Battersea Park. The event is organised by Action Duchenne a charity which hopes to raise awareness of Duchenne muscular dystrophy and gets its name as it’s normally held on the nearest weekend to Valentine’s Day. Action Duchenne hold similar events in Newcastle, Cardiff and Manchester on the same day as the London run.

The course is pan flat and made up of 4 2.5km laps of the park. The start is in a different part of the loop from the finish line so it made it really difficult to work out how well or badly I was doing based on my ‘lap’ times. I’m actually still a bit confused as to the course distance even now – I think it was closer to 10.5km.

The start line had distance markers saying lap1 – 2.5km, lap 2 – 5km, lap 3 – 7.5km. As I came past this marker at the end of lap 1 my watch said I had covered 2.5km in 10 minutes which is very quick by my standards. Probably a bit too quick as I felt pretty bad during the second lap as I think the picture on the right shows!

I started to feel better but not exactly brilliant on lap three. When I saw the even more confusing 9.5km marker I really put the hammer down which almost went a bit wrong when I thought I was going to throw up in sight of the finish line.

I crawled across the line pretty slowly in the end with an unofficial time of 48:12. I had decided to wear my timing chip on my watch strap which I think was too far away from the electronic mat which you run over to record your time. The conventional wisdom is to tie the chip to your shoe laces. I didn’t appear on the results list even as a non finisher.

I decided to run with my now traditional head band which attracted approving glances and sniggers in (roughly) equal measure. I’m a big convert to the practicality of the head band as well as the look although I won’t be wearing it for the marathon as I have something a bit special planned instead…more later on that.

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