I’m afraid I don’t like Brad Pitt much

Actually to be technical about this it’s actually the character Achilles Pitt plays in Troy that has been getting on my wick of late. I’ve never met Brad and I’m sure he’s a lovely fella and that beard he is currently sporting has made me laugh so.

Brad Pitt as Achilles

In the same way that Duncan Bannatyne encapsulated my frustration over my Achilles tendon injury which stopped me running the London Marathon last year the smug, pouting, cardboard cutout poser Achilles has been taking the brunt of my anger as the same injury seemingly reared its head again. He’s supposed to be this tough guy but he looks far more interested in his highlights and jumping on a sun bed than getting in a ruck. In the same way this injury is almost a non event as there seems no obvious reason why I have been unable to run distances I normally take for granted.

The last few weeks have been pretty bleak on the training front. I’ve been unable to run more than 5km without that familiar pain around the left ankle which has left my physiotherapist somewhat mystified. I’ve been pretty worried that history is repeating itself.

As well as this I’ve had a pretty bad throat infection for nearly three weeks which had meant that I haven’t been able to exercise much. I was due to run the Sparks Half Marathon at Dorney Lake on the 13th March but I had to pull out as I wasn’t up to it. This winter has seemed to have been going on for about five years and it’s hardly surprising that my already stretched immune system is struggling to fight things off.

Luckily after some advice from my local running shop I decided to give an osteopath a try. After a pretty painful consultation he declared me ‘fixed’ in the short term and I have been able to run without any problems since – touch wood (Brad’s acting maybe?). Achilles lurks in the background pouting away like a crazy for the time being but as I write, there is still a fair chance I can finish this marathon.

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