Junkyard workout circuit training at Club 51

A circuit training session in a gym with a difference at Club 51, London.

Having braved out several circuit training classes over the years (including the brutal Power Hour) I was looking for something a bit different and stumbled across this new concept called Junkyard workout. It immediately attracted me as the thought of lifting giant tyres seemed reminiscent of a 80s training montage.

Burn 51 is a new circuit training class where participants use a host of everyday objects which you might find lying about the place. It’s designed to get you to think about how you can replicate certain exercises at home without needing any expensive gym gadgetry. Jon Denoris who is a personal trainer to a number of celebrities is the mastermind behind Burn 51 and has recently started delivering his fitness wisdom via Twitter and Facebook.

I’ve been doing this class weekly on Tuesdays for about three months. I found the first couple pretty tough but I’ve noticed a considerable improvement in fitness after only about three sessions.  The circuit is completely different every week which reduces the risk of plateauing or getting bored – problems I’ve sometimes had when you repeat the same circuit every week.

Club 51 workout video

I got a shock one week when a Reuters news crew turned up during the class to film us. I can be seen in the last few seconds of the video “shovelling” an exhaust pipe complete with green headband. I’ve had a fair amount of ribbing for that but I still maintain headbands are cool and that I’m the only one there making the whole thing look good (maybe).

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