Rainforest Foundation 4 Seasons West 10k 2011

I signed up for the series of Rainforest Foundation UK 10k runs as it combined a decent cause (even if Sting is involved with the organisation) with a chance to practice my running before the Triathlon in August.

The first run was 4 Seasons West in Old Deer Park, Richmond. The event was pretty well organised and runners could even get a free massage at the end. There was also a “Zumba” warm-up at the start which wasn’t really my bag as it involved choreography and I’m about as coordinated as a snowstorm.

Rainforest run west

The 10k itself didn’t go too badly. I forgot to set my timer until 1km so as a result I was somewhat confused as to how I was doing overall but I ran the second kilometre in 4:30. I did seem to slow down considerably towards the end. I didn’t notice this at all but a friend running behind was catching me up. The course was an out and back affair alongside the Thames and I was running alone quite a lot and think I just switched off as I got a bit bored.

I was very surprised to finish in 46:48 just behind the 3rd fastest lady. Lots of spectators on the course were shouting “You’re the 3rd fastest lady” and I thought for a minute they were talking to me!

The series is called the 4 Seasons with a run in West, East, North and South London in each of the seasons of the year. The other events are:

Sunday 3rd July – 4 Seasons East: Hackney Marshes

(I can’t make this now but they have kindly allowed me to defer free of charge until 2012. British Gas Great Swim should take note of how a proper cancellation policy works).

Sunday 18th September – 4 Seasons North: Finsbury Park.

Sunday 13th November – 4 Seasons South: Crystal Palace.

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