ITU WCS Triathlon London 2011

ITU triathlon 2011

The time had finally arrived to test myself over the same Hyde Park course which will be used for the London 2012 Olympics.

I had worked very hard in the months leading up to this event with several build up races to try and refresh my mind on what it was all about.

The swim

The swim has always been my weak spot so I lined up with the usual mixed feeling of fear and excitement. Due to the very early 07.40 start the sun was very low over the water which made it very difficult to see where I was going. I lost some time as a result but overall I improved by about 4 minutes from 2006. I’m still miles behind most people so I really need to keep working on my swimming if I’m going to get an ‘average’ level.

The bike

The bike leg was a bit trickier than I would have liked as I hadn’t done enough specific cycling training and I found it tough going – 81 minutes is pretty¬†disappointing¬†by my standards.

The run

By the time the run came around I was trying to push hard but I was finding it hard going. I ran the 10k in 48 minutes which is probably about par.

Overall I have to be very happy with my performance. I can still improve a lot but I’ve never been fitter and healthier.

I would like to thank everyone who sponsored me for New Life Mexico. NLM are a British Charity that supports children and young people in Mexico who have been physically, sexually or emotionally abused. I hope the money raised can make a real difference.

Watch a video of me crossing the finish line.


1.5 km swim00:40:10
40 km bike01:21:08
10 km run00:48:23

Full breakdown on the official website

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