Interesting Alternative Show with Kavus Torabi (Max Tundra Special) 23.04.12

With main host Steve Davis away talking about “that funny globes game” Kavus Torabi hosts another two hour Max Tundra special on the Interesting Alternative Show. This is apparently the third time Max has appeared on this show although I have only heard what seems to be his second visit to Phoenix FM.

IAS Max Tundra special 23.04.12

There seems to have been a bit of a mix up over recording the show which you can normally download from the Phoenix FM website. It popped up in the end though and although the sound is a little sketchy the content seems to be all there.

This time Max Tundra glues a series of quite short tracks together and I particularly liked the O.L.D. and George Duke efforts. Max Tundra read the lyrics to Football Match England The Netherlands 1-1 by Harry Merry which I thought were quite amusing. I’m sure if you listen to that track you will find them funny too…

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