Boards of Canada live the Warp Records 10th Anniversary 10th November 1999

Much like the Aphex Twin live performance posted a while back I found this down the back of the digital sofa. It has been knocking around the interweb for a while but I thought I would post it here as it moves me so.

I didn’t actually go to this gig but I did go to the ill fated Lighthouse gig for the “incredible” party in 2000. Despite having a ticket I didn’t get in but I try not to be bitter about it. This Old Truman Brewery gig does seem to have been slightly more interesting anyway as it included a couple of untitled tracks especially the last one (Untitled 2) which is truly spiffing.

Boards of Canada live set

The band themselves don’t seem to be that keen on this gig recording going public as the recording doesn’t meet their lofty sound quality standards. I’ve now idea how true this is but fits in with their whole living in a commune thing.

I’m not as big on Boards of Canada as I used to be as they seem to have entered the chin scratching mainstream (I think the NME likes them?) and I still have this crazy idea that I’m above all that. In terms of electronic music I’m at the top of the snobbery tree. Music died in 1997.

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