Mozilla Webmaker Open Practices badge

This is a post to (hopefully) show I’ve met the requirements for the Open Practices badge issued by Mozilla Webmaker.


For this I’ve used the website KnowHow NonProfit. This website provides all the information UK non-profit organisations need to set up and run their organisations. The approach is quite different to many sites in this sector as that much of the content is wiki based and users of the site are encouraged to share their knowledge and work together to build up useful information. Most other advice websites tend to provide information to non-profit organisations without the option for them to add to that knowledge. As well as wiki how-to guides there are also case studies and also more ‘regular’ content pages which are wikis.

As I work for a UK charity I use this site to share things I’ve done and add to things written by others.

Two examples of wiki how-to guides I have started myself:

Two examples of how-to guides written by other people which I have added to:

The wiki how-to guides are published under Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported and are designed to be constantly enhanced over time. This website has an active community of over 40,000 users who are working together to build an effective knowledge base.

Update 16/09/2014: Mozilla have given me this badge.

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