Web Literacy Ninja Badge

Me in a ninja outfit

Here is a picture of me dressed up a Ninja on my way to a Halloween party back in 2004. Note the Hollyoaks calendar in the background – not mine I promise!

I was under the misconception at the time that the Ninja mix of fighting skills and mystery (the hood bit) was going to make me the life and soul of this party. Needless to say it didn’t. I spent most of the party with the hood on not being recognised by anyone and the other half with the hood off being asked why I hadn’t worn a costume.

Fast forward to now and who would have thought I would be trying to become a Web Literacy Ninja almost exactly 10 years later?

To gain this Meta level badge I have to demonstrate I meet all 15 competencies of the Mozilla web literacy map.

The 15  competencies on the map are divided in to three strands and so I have written three blog posts, one for each strand:

Web Literacy Map

Update 13/10/14

I’ve now been awarded the badge. You can see my project page on P2PU and my badge on my Mozilla Backpack.

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