Swimathon 2015

Swimming has never been my strongest suit so for the sheer hell of it I decided to do a really long swim but in a pool to minimise the chance of death by drowning. Open water events can be awkward like that.

Swimathon is an annual event run since 1986 in local swimming pools across the country. There are distances of 1.5, 2.5 and 5 km and I thought I would do 5 as otherwise it would be too easy.

I managed to raise a few quid for Marie Curie Cancer Care in the process.

This was a real test of mental endurance more than physical. All you have to look at is the bottom of the pool. When I fell asleep that evening I closed my eyes and could still see the black lane line. There is also very little sound other than your own breathing.

Swimming is very slow compared to cycling or running and I wanted to get used to this with a view to maybe trying some other events later on in the year.

Crystal Palace pool

I completed the 5 km in roughly 02:53:00. I was a bit surprised by just how slow I was. There was only one other person in the pool by the time I finished.

All seemed fine climbing out of the pool and receiving my medal, walking to the changing room and getting changed. About half an hour later I was in the pub and all seemed fine until I tried to pick up my pint glass which felt like the weight of a rhino.

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