Capital Tri Splash Race 2 2015

Ahead of Bridge to Bridge I needed some open water swimming practice so I headed to the West Reservoir in Stoke Newington for an early morning 3 km swim as part of the Capital Tri series.

West Reservoir


The 3km swim was made up four 750 metre laps around the reservoir. On part of the lap there is a lot of green foilage just below the water line. This can be slightly disconcerting as your hand touches ‘stuff’ on every stroke and when I turned to breathe there was the same gunk all over my face in scenes not unlike the face huggers from the Alien films.

I was quite pleased to swim the 3 km inĀ 1:14:55. I did notice I was second to last though and the winner did it in an impressive 40 minutes.

James Mullarkey

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