Rediscovering the web browser with Adrian Cochrane

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The podcast which talks to the maverick renegades of the internet.

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About the guest

Adrian Cochrane is a web browser developer from New Zealand with a difference. He stated exploring decentralised tools to discover interesting, useful and entertaining web pages. He wants the web to become simpler, more private, and more accessible across a wider number of devices. His work includes the Odysseus browser for Linux and Rhapsode an ‘audio browser’. He also has an interest in DRM free films and music.

Adrian DRM free media recommendations

Donation choice

Each guest is asked to nominate an open source project or charity for donations for their episode. Adrian has chosen Blender Foundation, an independent public benefit organisation with the purpose to provide a complete, free and open source 3D creation pipeline.

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I’m committed to having full transcripts of all podcasts episodes. As I am only one person it will take me a while. If you know a way of speeding up that process without spending cash I don’t have please let me know.

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This podcast series looks at the maverick renegades of the internet who are pushing back against big tech monopolies, surveillance capitalism and climate change. People who reject mainstream technology narratives to try and forge a slightly better, less dystopian future for all of us.