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The podcast which talks to the maverick renegades of the internet.

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About the guest

Karolina Iwańska is a lawyer and policy analyst at Panoptykon Foundation. Since 2018 she has been leading Panoptykon’s investigation into the online advertising industry’s practices related to data protection and privacy. Karolina has written and published a report To track or not to track? Towards privacy-friendly and sustainable online advertising which examines alternatives to the dominant behavioural advertising model and developing policy recommendations aimed at promoting privacy-friendly funding models for online publishers.

About Panoptykon Foundation

Panoptykon Foundation is a Polish NGO with a mission to protect fundamental rights in the context of growing surveillance and fast-changing information technologies.

Donation choice

Each guest is asked to nominate an open source project or charity for donations for their episode. Karolina has chosen European Digital Rights Initiative (EDRi) which is an association of civil and human rights organisations from across Europe, which defends rights and freedoms in the digital environment.

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This podcast series looks at the maverick renegades of the internet who are pushing back against big tech monopolies, surveillance capitalism and climate change. People who reject mainstream technology narratives to try and forge a slightly better, less dystopian future for all of us.