IoT and technology-facilitated abuse with Dr Leonie Tanczer

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The podcast which talks to the maverick renegades of the internet.

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About the guest

Dr Leonie Tanczer is Lecturer in International Security and Emerging Technologies at University College London’s Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy.

Leonie is the founder of the Gender and IoT project, which looks at how IoT impacts on gender-based domestic violence and abuse and what the socio-technical measures need to be implemented in order to mitigate against those risks.

Donation choice

Each guest is asked to nominate an open source project or charity for donations for their episode. Leonie has chosen to highlight a number of UK based organisations which she recommends donating to.


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This podcast series looks at the maverick renegades of the internet who are pushing back against big tech monopolies, surveillance capitalism and climate change. People who reject mainstream technology narratives to try and forge a slightly better, less dystopian future for all of us.