Our emails shouldn’t be spying on us with Dave Smyth

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About the guest

Dave Smyth is an independent web designer and developer based in London. He started a website notospypixels.com in February 2021 to push back against secretive spy technology used in marketing emails, so common they have become an industry norm.

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Donation choice

Each guest is asked to nominate an open source project or charity for donations for their episode.

Dave has chosen fact checking charity Full Fact which fights for the right information to reach the people who need it most, whether that’s individuals making decisions about their health or who to vote for; or politicians debating the future of our country.

Donate to Full Fact

Dave would also like to highlight Larabelles who aim to make the world of Laravel development more accessible to women, non-binary and trans folk. At the time of publication they were not accepting donations but this is coming soon.


I’m committed to having full transcripts of all podcasts episodes. As I am only one person it will take me a while. If you know a way of speeding up that process without spending cash I don’t have please let me know.

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