No to Chrome

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Is there one thing that every web user can do to fight surveillance capitalism?

I believe we could and should all replace Google Chrome with a different, privacy respecting browser that doesn’t pander to the Google information colonialist agenda.

I created to encourage people to abandon Google Chrome, which has 65% of the global browser market, as a first step to learning about and boycotting other Google products and demanding a fairer internet.

Google is not my friend
Google is not our friend

I would prefer an internet not run by Silicon Valley tech bros who believe they can commodify and seize all the things that make us different and unique; our thoughts, our feelings our personalities and relationships with others. Similarly, our communities, nations and society are not their exclusive property and they shouldn’t be able to plunder them whenever they want.

3 steps to free yourself of Chrome

  1. Find a different browser – find the right alternative to suit you
  2. Uninstall or disable Chrome – instructions to give it the boot for good
  3. Tell everyone – share our social media images