Tracking policy

Welcome to the Tracking Policy, sometimes also referred to as a Privacy (invasion) Policy. These are often tucked away on websites, extremely long and full of legaleese.

This website has no cookie or tracking consent notice because it contains no cookies or other trackers. This website is tracking free.

In order to make this website tracker free I did the following:

  • Blocked / removed Google fonts
  • Removed Google Analytics
  • Removed all embedded content including from YouTube, Twitter, Mixcloud and Flickr – in some cases these are replaced with clickable screenshots
  • Blocked all the known Google bots from crawling this site
  • Enabled several http security headers including referrer policy and content security policy (Rated A by Security Headers)

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Who I am

I am a individual who pays for this blog from my own pocket. There are no advertisements here nor do I take money from anyone for any ad real estate or endorsements. I avoid talking about my day job on here specifically because all view are my own and sometimes don’t represent the views of my employers.

What personal data I collect and why I collect it

Contact form

I use a WordPress plugin for my contact form which creates an email which is sent to me. I don’t share these details with anyone unless you ask me to (I’m trying to get in contact with your brother!) and destroy the original email once it’s no longer required. The plugin does not log messages and deletes your email address after one day.


I use a WordPress plugin to do some very basic analytics and altered the settings to not track IP address or location based on IP address or any other personal data.

My web server does track your IP address if you visit this site – which I don’t seem able to change. I can assure you I have no interest in trying to ‘do’ anything with it.

I used to use Google Analytics but binned it off because Google are Surveillance Capitalists.

Who I share your data with

The extremely limited data I might have about you is never shared with anyone for any reason.