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Technology pioneers rewriting the rules

This podcast series looks at the maverick renegades of the internet who are pushing back against big tech monopolies, surveillance capitalism and climate change. People who reject mainstream technology narratives to try and forge a slightly better, less dystopian future for all of us.


Episode 4: Studying the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on local communities – Sarah Kiden

Sarah Kiden is a researcher and technologist studying the impact of Internet of Things (IoT) technology on local communities. She has also researched internet speeds and connectivity across Africa.

Episode 3: An ethically and ecologically sensitive approach to design – Rob Bartlett

Rob Bartlett has changed his website to reduce his digital waste and has taken several actions to make his design work more sustainable and responsible, championing charities who are changing laws, behaviours and beliefs.

Episode 2: Building the world’s alternative search engine – Finn Brownbill

Finn Brownbill is the Head of Marketing for Mojeek, a fully independent, privacy respecting search engine from Brighton, UK.

Episode 1: Anti-tracking and peer-to-peer technology pioneer – Sam Macbeth

Sam Macbeth is the Tech Lead for Cliqz based in Munich, Germany where he has developed innovative, user-empowering, and privacy-preserving software in the Cliqz browser, a fork of Firefox.