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This podcast is about the maverick renegades of tech and can only be downloaded from this website. You will not find it on any of the major podcast platforms or apps.

Here’s why.

We don’t like the companies that run the big podcast platforms

If you want a podcast these days there is an established formula. You’re encouraged to use a podcast hosting site which then submits your hard work to all the great podcast platforms in the sky so they can benefit from your effort.

The dominant force in podcasting is Apple podcasts run by that pretentious, colour-by-numbers monopolist Apple who among other things, lobby against your right to repair your phone and record and log what you ask Siri.

Nuts to them.

Close behind are Spotify who use Digital Restriction Management, have a business model based on surveillance and pay musicians in magic beans.

Nuts to them too.

There are loads of others including Google podcasts, run by the daddies of surveillance capitalism who also happen to sell software which is used to dig for fossil fuels.

We don’t like them. We even started a website to persuade people to boycott Google starting with the Chrome browser.

We don’t like streaming as it’s burning the world

The internet isn’t virtual, it isn’t weightless, it isn’t free. It’s powered by gigantic ever-increasing data centres, stuffed full of computers which draw vast amounts of electricity, much of which is still powered by fossil fuels.

The internet is responsible for 3% of global emissions, that’s the same as the airline industry. Watching Netflix is the long-haul flight of the internet. One second of streamed video has the same carbon footprint as 50,000 words of text on the screen – the novel of your choice.

Streaming audio isn’t as bad as video but downloading and listening to this podcast instead of streaming it will still save a little bit of energy.

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We don’t think a show about maverick renegades should just do what everyone else does

This podcast features people who are doing things differently with technology, irrespective of how much the deck is stacked against them. It just wouldn’t be right to stick these conversations up on Spotify.

This website and podcast are tracking free, powered by 100% renewable energy.

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Each guest is asked to nominate an open-source project or charity for donations for their episode. You can see these in the show notes.

If you’ve done that and want to donate more you can buy me a tree or donate towards one.

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